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Our first orders going out 100% carbon neutral

  • Ian.G 

We are using Sendle 100% carbon neutral shipping service as our first choice. It’s really the least we can do!

Carbon neutral delivery means we can delivery orders without costing the environment.⠀Add that to our new policy of biodegradable composting mailing sachets, and removing our old single-use plastic product packaging (to much in landfills already) which take’s such a heavy toll on our planet. We want to do our best to minimise our impact on the world. ⠀

EzySNIP already helps by reducing bending saving your back & knees, a sore back can be such a pain (Sorry I had too 😬) not to mention reducing the need to use harsh chemicals to save bending (they don’t really)

Using carbon neutral services & smart packaging methods are just our small way to continue to do our part. How about you?

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