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Find the answer to all your
EzySNIP questions!

What is EzySNIP?

EzySNIP is the simplest way to trim that ‘out of reach grass’ and get perfect edges every time. Most importantly. no longer will you need to bend, pull or poison that annoying grass.

How does EzySNIP do that?

EzySNIP has been designed around the user’s needs & experiences.

For that reason, EzySNIP’s design uses a combination of a tapered sloping concave face which forces annoying grass to grow in cutting range of all types of petrol & electric line trimmers.

The design also thought about you, we built in a small ledge at the bottom of the face to help make installation easier and added a ground stake to keep EzySNIP in place, trim after trim after trim.

How easy are EzySNIP’s to use?

It’s simple, at the problem corner, grab the tuft of grass, pull it forward away from the corner, push EzySNIP tight into the corner and push the ground stake into the soil stopping with the small ledge just below your desired finished lawn cut height.

That’s it. Job done! It’s that simple.

Finally, if you desire, you can fasten EzySNIP in place with a 2.8mm clout or screw through the convenient fastening hole at the top of EzySNIP’s face.

How long will an EzySNIP last?

It’s tapered & sloping concave face is designed to stay out of reach of the spinning line of trimmers when edging.

That means, less to no damage from your trimmers cutting line, add the smart use of a UV protection in their manufacturing, your EzySNIP’s are going to last what will seem like a very, very long time!

Why you should be using EzySNIP’s in your lawns…

• EzySNIP’s will give you perfectly trimmed lawn edges every time.

• Because they have been designed with the user in mind, to force grass to grow in range of all types of petrol & electric line trimmers for easy trimming.

They are simple, easy to use, reliable and very long lasting. 

• Most noteworthy, installing EzySNIP’s means less bending, pulling or poisoning (if you use herbicides?) is required by you. 

• Designed to stay out of reach of the spinning line of trimmers for less ware & tear.

• They hide out of sight in the corners.

• For those times you are inclined to, they are paintable!

• As a result, you can trim your lawn edges the way you are meant too, standing upright at walking speed.

Have a question?

If you have a question about EzySNIP that is not covered here, let us know. 

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