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About EzySNIP

The No. 1 best gardening tool for perfectly trimmed lawn edges.

EzySNIP is the simplest & smartest way to trim that “hard to trim” “out of reach grass” that gets left behind during normal trimming, and without any bending, pulling or cutting, without grinding or trying to poison it away.

What makes EzySNIP so special?

EzySNIP was designed with you in mind. To make it easier to trim that “hard to trim” grass in your edging (You know that grass that seems to hide out of reach of the spinning line of your trimmer?)

EzySNIP’s design uses a tapered sloping face which forces that annoying “hard to trim” grass to grow in cutting range of line trimmers, while the concave design of the face means it does its best stay out of reach of the spinning trimmer line when edging. That means, less ware & tear on EzySNIP, your trimmer & the structure your trimming against. We have also made sure that EzySNIP has UV protection incorporated during manufacturing for longer lasting under Australia’s hot sun.

EzySNIP the No. 1 best gardening tool for perfectly trimmed lawn edges.​
EzySNIP the No. 1 best gardening tool for perfectly trimmed lawn edges.​
EzySNIP installed behind a tuft of grass.
EzySNIP installed behind a that “hard to reach” grass in your edging.

A Quality Solution:

We know that when the average homeowners & “lawn-fanatics” install EzySNIP’s in their edging, it means less bending down, then pulling & cutting that “hard to trim” grass from the edging. It also means less chemicals (not that you use poisons) to get rid of that annoying “out of reach”  grass in the edging. 

And forget using the “old I’ll grind it out” method, with EzySNIP you can trim all your lawn edges the way we are all meant to edge our lawns, standing upright at walking speed.

As someone with a few aches & pains from years of hard work, it made sense not to do any of those things. 

Easy & Reliable:

We made EzySNIP a simple, problem solving, easy to install, reliable tool, and to be the easiest way to trim that annoying “out of reach”, “hard to trim” grass, and to top it off, we wanted EzySNIP to be a “buy it once” very long-lasting addition to great Australian lawns, under our harsh Aussie sun. 

So we made sure that EzySNIP had UV protection incorporated during manufacturing, giving EzySNIP an expected life span of 50+ years. Thats long enough to out live most structures they are used in!

"Hard to trim" grass trimmed easily with EzySNIP installed
“Hard to trim” grass, trimmed easily with EzySNIP installed
EzySNIP the No.1 gardening tool for perfectly trimmed lawn edges.
EzySNIP the must have tool in your lawn care tool box!

Made Just For You:

Because EzySNIP was designed with You, the user in mind, we are sure you will love using them in your lawn edging (Just think of how good your edges are going to look?)

Have a look around:

While you are here, have look a around, learn more about how good EzySNIP is, and how easy perfectly trimmed lawn edges are to get!  Don’t just believe me, watch a review from Landscape Gardener & Handyman, Sean Watson. There are several other videos of EzySNIP, where you can see it in action. You will find them in our Video Gallery Here.

Australian Made:

And to to top it off, EzySNIP is Australian owned & made. We chose not to manufacture them in China when we have fantastic local Sunshine Coast QLD manufacturers.
We are very proud of this, and frankly, it was a no brainer decision.
EzySNIP it’s the least you can do.

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