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Where can I get live tips, hints and advice on my lawn care?

There’s a lot of great information on the internet to get advice on lawn care and lawn maintenance. With a google search, you can come up with a 100s of articles from a range of different sources.

A fantastic place you can get really good lawn care advice is the rapidly growing Lawn Care & Maintenance Australia Facebook Group,

In this group, you get access to top advice from real people, professionals in lawn care and homeowners, people who have gone through your problems and found a solution, not just some article on some page in a search result.

It’s the perfect place where you can chat with other members that have the same questions, have hints and tips, speak with the professionals on what you need to get your lawns looking their best.

If your needing help with your lawn and weed problems or just want to share your experiences, use the link provided above and join Lawn Care & Maintenance Australia Facebook Group and get the help you want and need.

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