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EzySNIP presents “4th of 5 Varieties of lawn in Australia”

  • Ian.G 

Today is our 4th post on grasses, and we are looking at Zoysia grass⠀

A less popular grass in Australia historically speaking, Zoysia grass is starting to gain recognition as a viable and even attractive option for Australian lawns. It’s known for being incredibly soft, with no chance of irritating or scratching the skin. It also grows incredibly slowly, making it attractive for those who aren’t a huge fan of mowing. Slow growth also means that managing potential invasion of surrounding garden beds is made much easier.⠀

Zoysia is an incredibly tough variety of grass, ideal for sports fields and schools. However its slow-growing nature means that if it does become damaged, it will take longer than other grasses to repair itself. Zoysia does well in all seasons; however it’s slightly more susceptible to browning if drought conditions arrive, and as mentioned previously, will recover much slower than other grasses.⠀

Credit & thanks to @Canstar

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