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EzySNIP presents “3rd of 5 Varieties of lawn in Australia”

  • Ian.G 

For our 3rd grass post, let’s have a look at Couch grasses.

A consistently popular grass with a number of popular sub-types (Queensland Blue, Santa Ana etc.), Couch grass is an easy-going and cheaper grass which can make for a great-looking lawn when treated correctly. It holds up against wear and tear, and is capable of repairing itself rather quickly due to its vigorous underground runners.

However these runners can also cause problems in regards to creeping into other non-lawn areas, so the areas adjacent to any Couch grass should be monitored carefully in order to avoid this.⠀

Couch grass will stay relatively vibrant in all seasons, however care should be taken in warmer months to mow it regularly, and to fertilise and nourish it in colder months. Otherwise it may become patchy and unsightly.⠀

Credit & thanks to @Canstar

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