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EzySNIP presents “2nd of 5 Varieties of lawn in Australia”

  • Ian.G 

For the 2nd post on grasses, we will look at Buffalo grass.

Infamous for being incredibly irritating and scratchy, Buffalo grass has, over the last few years, come into its own as a popular choice for lawns with the advent of “Soft Leaf Buffalo” grass types. These grasses, such as Sir Walter and Matilda Buffalo, can make for incredibly lush and soft lawns if maintained correctly. ⠀
However, that being said, an attractive feature of Buffalo grass is the fact that it’s rather durable, and easy to grow and maintain.⠀

Buffalo grass does well in both summer and winter and is adept at handling the extremes brought by all times of year. It also has self-repairing qualities, making it ideal for high-traffic situations such as a family yard. ⠀

Credit & thanks to @Canstar

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