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Turf Tips: Trimming hard to reach corners made easy with EzySNIP

  • Ian.G 

Hard to reach corners can be a pain when you are trying to get the perfect lawn. We have discovered a new product that solves this problem, and helps you trim all the corners of your lawn without getting your hands dirty.

The problem areas

You mow the lawn just right, you whipper snipper the edges along the driveway and the fence, but when you look back proudly at your work a problem jumps out at you. Sticking up in the corner of your fence, in defiance of your good work is a tuft of grass your whipper snipper couldn’t reach.

These corners are impossible to get into with a whipper snipper and require further manually action to tidy up. It could be a fence, a retaining wall, any tight corner that your lawn edges up to.

The solution

Hard to reach corners are a thing of the past with the addition of a new product called EzySNIP. A lawn edge care and maintenance tool. EzySNIP turns hard to reach corners into a smooth edge that is easy to trim.

EzySNIP goes into any 90° internal corner, turning that impossible to trim corner into an easily maintained edge that your line trimmer comfortably reaches. Made from UV Resistant Black Polypropylene/ABS, EzySNIP is a “set and forget” long lasting tool that will be a lawn-scapers new best friend. And even better it is proudly Australian made & owned.

How it works

To put an end to your hard to reach corners you just insert an EzySNIP into any 90° internal corner in your lawn. It should fit hard up against the corner, with the grass in front of the EzySNIP. It has a spike which goes down into the soil to hold it in place.

You can then trim the edge of your lawn with your line trimmer, and instead of a corner your line trimmer cannot get into, you will have a neat edge that is easily trimmed. As the EzySNIP is UV resistant you don’t have to remove it, you just leave it in the corner making it truly “set and forget”.

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