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EzySNIP presents “The average homeowners options to get perfect edges.”

  • Ian.G 

Recently a qualified Landscaper and Horticulturalist sent me this message:

Hey mate just watched this then If you want to get corners you need a good brush cutter with Diamond cord and just keep it between 1/3 and 1/2 revs
The cord will actually bend into the shape of the corner on the left side. The right side I usually just tilt the brush cutter up and get it vertically. The brush cutters people use in my industry are $1200 – $1800 and can do an immaculate job. The brush cutter your using in the video looks like it’s worth about $50 that’s probably why your struggling to get corners.

So, based on the above; the average homeowners’ options are:

1. Spend between $1200 – $1800 on a brush cutter, then learn to clean out those corners like a pro each week.

2. Hire a professional for around $70-$100 a week to get it done for you.

3. Or, spend $20 for a packet of EzySNIP’s once, use your ‘old $50 string trimmer’ with out all the turning, grinding & twisting, and easily get your edges crisp & clean. Then you can go out and spend the money saved from not buying an $1800 machine, on anything else that makes you happy.

EzySNIP doesn’t just make edging easier, it makes it better!

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