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EzySNIP presents “9 Garden Tools You May Not Know You Needed!”

  • Ian.G 


1.     String Trimmer:

No other lawn and garden tool makes more sense than the #stringtrimmer. The minimal amount of effort required to trim a swath of grass and edge your entire yard. Petrol or electric it’s a must have for a clear, crisp, and well-defined yard.

 2.     EzySNIP:

Hard to reach grass growing up your internal corners is the bane of the well-kept lawns. Trimming this grass has always been until now a physical action, bending, kneeling & manually cutting the grass from the corner with clippers; or hacking away with your string trimmer. No longer with @EzySNIP.

 3.     Cordless Blower:

You may think it’s not a must-have, but if you try a #cordlessblower, you may be pleasantly surprised by the range of number of its uses. Make no mistake: These types of blowers don’t pack enough punch to clear large, debris-covered yards. But for countless other small jobs outdoors, it’s tough to beat the convenience and portability


4.     Pruning Shears:

Pruning Shears are one of the most useful garden tools you’ll find yourself using. At some point you are likely to come across plants that need cutting back. #pruningshears or #secateurs make the job easy.

 5.     Shovel:

Should go without saying but; if you going to dig, then you need a #shovel. It isn’t easy to begin with, don’t make it any harder.

 6.     Wheelbarrow:

From lawn clippings, soil, mulch, or compost gets a whole lot easier when you can easily move it in your #wheelbarrow.

 7.     Rake:

Rakes are great, the have more uses than you might think. From clearing leaves or twigs off your lawn, to breaking up soil and levelling out garden beds. A #gardenrake is great!

 8.     Gloves:

Invest in a pair of #gardengloves please, protect your hands.

 9.     Garden Hoe:

The humble #gardenhoe is perfect for digging & shaping soil, removing weeds & in garden beds and lawns.

Be the master of your yard. Happy gardening!

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