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EzySNIP’s 7 Steps in Troubleshooting an Unhealthy Lawn.

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1. Deal with water runoff. If water runs off the lawn. Give the lawn half as much water as usual, wait one hour for water to drain, then give it the other half.

2. Respond to drying lawns. If your lawn wilts; turns a little grey, purple, or blue; or holds the impression of footprints, it’s on the dry side. Increase the amount of water you give it each session.

3. Fight weeds. The best way to fight weeds is to maintain a good, thick and healthy turf with its own natural defences. Most weeds can be treated with basic changes to your lawn care, such as a higher mowing height or a change in watering schedule.

4. Fight insects and other pests. If lawn grubs, beetles, or other pests are eating your lawn, the best approach is usually a change to your lawn care. Identify which pests are actually harming your lawn. Pesticides and insecticides should be a last resort only, as they can kill beneficial soil microbes and earthworms. If you do decide to use them, follow label instructions exactly.

5. Prevent thatch build-up. Thatch, the spongy layer of brown material atop the soil, can cause issues if allowed to grow past 0.5 inch (1.25cm) thick. Rent a thatch removal machine to break it apart and leave the thatch to decompose on the lawn.
Contrary to popular belief, grass clippings do not contribute to thatch growth.

6. Care for a diseased lawn. The practices above all help your lawn resist disease. If you see discoloured grass or other signs of disease, try to identify the specific disease and ask a local expert for advice on lawn diseases in your area.

7. Reduce use of struggling lawns or lawns in winter. Any time your lawn looks damaged, minimize the amount of foot and vehicle traffic until it returns to health. The same applies to lawns during frost, which are especially vulnerable.⠀

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